History of the 33rd Sea Scouts

History of the 33rd Sea Scouts

The 33rd Sea Scouts start during May/June 1965, the Leaders (Scouters as they were known then) and many of the Cubs and Scouts of the 14th Wallasey Scout Group, St Columba`s Own, moved from Trafalgar Avenue to a church hall and premises in Clifton Grove, Wallasey, and the 33rd Wallasey Sea Scout Group was “born”.

To save the cost of buying all new neckerchieves, it was decided to cut in half the yellow neckers of the 14th and buy enough new black ones to also cut in half and join together to make our neckerchief as it is today.

The new Cub section was initially run by Val Deakin (Noonan as she was then) assisted by various Senior scouts, including Les Orme, Brian Westerman, James Chinnery, Peter Hanna and Allan Stocker.

The Scout section was led by Dave Deakin, Terry Fanning and Loz Watts. The Group quickly grew in size, ably supported by an active parents committee, including Neville Fanning, Mr & Mrs Venn, Eric Davies, Mr & Mrs Stocker, and many others over the years. Their fundraising helped us purchase some more boats, 2 of which we still use today. By 1967 the Group had tasted success at swimming galas, sports days and, at group level, we had 3 Queens Scouts – Les Orme, Pete Hanna & Allan Stocker, quite an achievement in those days!

Our first summer camp was held at Hanmer in July 1965, attended by 7 Scouters, 2 Senior scouts and 13 Scouts. It was notable for transport issues, with the furniture vans, that were transporting us and our equipment (health and safety would have had a duckegg!) breaking down both ways and for 1 of our scouts, Philip Wade ending up in hospital with appendicitis on the journey home.

The Group has moved premises several times over the years, even meeting in the front room of Mr Wingeatt’s home in Lea Road before ending up in their present home on Belvidere Road, in 1971.

The 33rd is currently the only surviving Sea Scout Group in Wallasey and have their own boats which are currently kept at the District Boathouse. Our very active leadership team keeps the 33rd at the forefront of Scouting in Wallasey, and although the line-up has changed many times over the years, with Allan Stocker the only continuously serving original member as the current GSL, we continue to offer young people the Scouting experience that our founder, Baden-Powell, first envisaged back in the early 1900`s

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History of the 33rd Sea Scouts